June 2019

Green Energy One at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019

At the main international financial event in Russia, the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum in June 2019, the Board Chairman of Green Energy One AS, Mr. Ragnar Ottosen, gave a presentation of the existing and planned projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy.  Present at the meeting were participants from Russia, the Nordic Countries, the Baltics and Germany. The presentation included also the plans for establishing a Crowdfunding platform for Green Energy Investments.

October 2019

Green Energy One AS in cooperation with Norwegian Respondo AS and the St. Petersburg Cleantech Cluster start up the project on Crowdfunding of Green Energy Projects in Russia

At a meeting of the Norwegian Cluster members on November 14, 2019: Ragnar Ottosen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GREEN ENERGY ONE AS and Tom Langli, Managing Director of NORDIC COMMODITIES AS, presented to Dag Malmer Halvorsen, Consul General of the Kingdom of Norway in St. Petersburg Norwegian-Russian enterprise – Pervaya SPb ESCO LLC, which implements the Norwegian Green Energy One (GEO) concept in the city, which consists of investment companies whose purpose is to participate in investments in renewable energy sources and the energy efficient sector in Russia.

(Source: the website of St Petersburg Cleantech Cluster)


Green Energy One is connected to an international association of Cleantech Clusters

Green Energy One AS is connected to the global network of cleantech cluster organization  Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA). With this global network Green Energy One will have direct contact to international project developers, research institutions, financers, technology providers etc. and serve as an important basis for our commitment to develop and invest In the Best Practice green projects and make these possibilities available to our investors and partners.


Vision of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) is to drive sustainable regional economic development, on a global scale.

GCCA is a fully independent and open platform designed to support the development towards a shared economy and low carbon prosperity. As a meta-cluster GCCA provides access to capital, corporates, markets and insights.

With the GCCA Deployment HUB Network and its digital platforms in Europe, Asia and North America, GCCA drives the modernization of cross-border business collaboration by converging physical and digital cluster ecosystems.

A GCCA focus task is the development of new financial mechanisms to enable large-scale commercial deployment of proven technologies. Goal is to provide an investment alternative at appropriate risk and return expectations for institutional investors, e.g. pension funds.

Join the GCCA cluster network and benefit from customized services:

GCCA Deployment HUB Network

Annual GCCA Later Stage Award

Multi-Asset Renewal Fund/MARF programs

Best Practices and Webinars

Local, Global Office

GCCA is a non-profit initiative of a private consortium and is organized as a fond of Fondation des Fondateurs based in Zurich, Switzerland.

International Consortium «St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the Urban Environment» celebrates five years.

October 2nd, 2019 marks the fifth anniversary of the international consortium «St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the Urban Environment» .

On October 2, 2014, at the 7th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, an agreement was signed between 9 participants on the creation of the St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the urban environment / Saint-Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for urban environment, where it established a successive chairmanship of the Board of Directors on Cluster Member countries: Russia, Norway and Finland. Among the founders where Green Energy One who also held the Chairman in the first year.

(Source: the website of St Petersburg Cleantech Cluster)

Today, the Cluster unites enterprises and organizations from Russia (St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Kaliningrad, Pskov and Kurgan Regions, the Republic of Tatarstan), Finland, Norway, Denmark and Japan. The cluster has representative offices in the regions of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Kaliningrad, Leningrad and Pskov regions, the Republic of Tatarstan and abroad: Finland, Norway, Japan, Italy, Croatia, North, Central and Latin America.

The St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the urban environment is integrated into the global community of clean technology clusters and is a member of:

– The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), which brings together 55 national clean technology clusters representing more than 10,000 Cleantech companies around the world;

– Member of the Baltic Alliance of Clean Technology Clusters / BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE, a cluster of Baltic Sea region clusters: Finland, Latvia and Russia.

The revenue of the enterprises and organizations of the Cluster in the territory of St. Petersburg in 2018 amounted to 19 billion 691 million 805 thousand rubles; tax deductions from the activities of the enterprises and organizations of the Cluster in the territory of St. Petersburg amounted to: 41 million 50 thousand rubles to the budget of St. Petersburg, 165 million 8 thousand rubles to the federal budget: the average headcount at enterprises and organizations of the Cluster is 44,500 people; the number of participants in the cluster is 64; the number of joint projects of cluster members 10; cooperation coefficient = 0.47. Cluster members have 113 licenses, 58 trademarks, 483 certificates and declarations. (“The Budget Effectiveness of the Center for Cluster Development of St. Petersburg,” which maintains the Cluster Register).

Cluster members are actively involved in urban projects with the goal of making St. Petersburg an environmentally friendly and safe city, combining clean technologies in all sectors of the city’s economy and its value chains.

 Leaders of cluster projects:

– «Warm city», LLC «Danfoss» (Denmark);

– «Effective Light», LLC «INNOCOR» (Russia);

– “Energoservice for the urban environment”, Russian-Norwegian LLC “First SPb ESCO” (Norway, Russia);

– «ECOLAND» and «Reserve heat from waste», LLC «Invairo» (Russia);

– «Clean Technologies in Transport» and «Industrial Park of Clean Technologies», TIRMEN GROUP LLC (Russia);

– “Leningrad Region” (“Smart Leningrad Region”), LLC “Scientific-Production Firm“ NEO + ”(Russia);

– “Green Energy Investment Platform” – Green Energy Investment Platform, Nordic Commodities AS (Norway)

To make the Cluster a world-class investment attractiveness, its members participate in projects totaling more than EUR 20 million under international programs: the Russia-South-East Finland 2014-2020 Cross-Border Cooperation Program and the Baltic Sea Region INTERREG RBM 2014-2020 Program.

(Source: the website of St Petersburg Cleantech Cluster)

Green Energy One – cooperation in North-West Europe

Green Energy One AS will also focus on the Nordic – Baltic Sea cooperation together with Baltic Cleantech Alliance and GreenNet Finland.


February 2019

Documented results show investments in heat centrals in apartment buildings are paid back in less than 3 years. A project based on proven technology that started up in October 2015 has paid back the investment already in May 2018. The investment managed by FIRST St. Petersburg ESCO shows a documented reduction in consumption of 22 %!

The management company Nordic Commodities AS will now expand the activity to several countries and introduce the Crowdfunding platform Respondo to investors and project owners that seeks financing.