November 2016

Green Energy One will receive special prize at Russian Forum ENES 2016 in Moscow.

The members of the Federal Tender Commission of the Third All-Russian competition in the field of energy saving projects. ENES-2016 decided to award a special prize for the implementation of the Norwegian Green Energy One concept in St. Petersburg. The ceremony will take place in the framework of the International Forum ENES-2016 on  24 November in the session «International cooperation in the field of energy efficiency». In ENES 2014 Green Energy One received the prize as Best Foreign Concept in Energy Efficiency.

Organized by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow, the ENES 2014 Forum is not only a major event in the field of energy efficiency, but also a professional business platform bringing together representatives of energy companies and the government. The Forum aims to popularize energy conservation policy at international, federal, regional, and municipal levels.


November 2016

Green Day Event

Green Energy One AS participated on the Green Day event at the All Russian Forum for Regional Strategic Planning i St Petersburg 24. – 25. October 2016 in cooperation with the Leontief Research Centre.

November 2016

Green Energy One / FIRST St Petersburg ESCO

The Green Energy One / FIRST St Petersburg ESCO energy saving project in St Petersburg delivers results in new heating season, 18% savings in October. Green Energy One will also congratulate the Finnish company Onninen OY as future project partner within the framework of the St Petersburg Cleantech Cluster.

Information Note:
Onninen Oy is supplier of energy-efficient equipment and logistics services with companies operating in eight countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Today, Onninen Oy has 3 100 employees and a total turnover of over 1.6 billion euros. Onninen’s turnover in Russia in 2015 amounted to 37.6 million euros and was carried out 45 large-scale projects in the field of complex project deliveries to the industry. Onninen Oy has expressed keen interest to enter the Russian division of «Onninen» in international cluster chain implementation of energy service contracts consisting of: Green Energy One Norwegian-Russian OOO «First St. Petersburg Energy Service Company», NP «City homeowners association» St. Petersburg, LLC «INNOKOR» and LLC «Danfoss» (Denmark).

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October 2016

ENES 2016

The St. Petersburg Cleantech Cluster Project has reached the final of the prestigious All Russian competition in the field of energy saving, based on a project with Norwegian (Green Energy One AS) and Danish (Danfoss) companies and Russian producers of energy-efficient equipment and energy efficiency services. 

More information is posted on the official websites: 

Administration of St.Petersburg:  http://gov.spb.ru/gov/otrasl/c_industrial/news/97564/ 

Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation of St. Petersburg: http://cppi.gov.spb.ru/press/news/15112/ 

On the site «Russian Cluster Observatory»: http://cluster.hse.ru/news/2247/ 

August 2016

Main channel Russia 1

Green Energy One energy efficiency project in St Petersburg presented on main channel Russia 1. (in Russian) as an example of Best Practise solutions for upgrading buildings in St. Petersburg.

Please also visit the Norwegian Consulate General in St. Petersburgs web site and Facebook site:



June 2016

FIRST St Petersburg Energy Service Company – 2015/2016 heating season – energy savings of 27 %

After the first completed heating season, the documented results from the investment in the heating central in s St Petersburg apartment block shows 27 % energy savings. Based on the proven success of the Energy Service Contracts, FIRST SPB ESCO will now take the next steps of development together with partners and plans to also introduce the concept in other Russian regions.


January 2016

Global Climate – FIRST Energy Service Contracts – the energy initiative that works!

The first results from the savings from the Energy Service Contract introduced by FIRST in St. Petersburg, where Green Energy One AS owns 50%, is documented and proves the success of the concept. The savings in third quarter 2015 has been 30 % and will give reduced energy bills for the apartment owners in the future and reduce the CO2 emission from the Russian energy system.